Document Destruction – 3 Things to Avoid – 3 Things to Do

1. Encouraging your own staff to be responsible for the destruction of documents by using a traditional manual method. Never ever just throw any private information into the trash. There is a real threat called “Dumpster Diving” or “Trash Trawling.” Trash is the best source to obtain valuable and private information such as lists of customers, medical information, lists of prices, sales stats, bid drafts and confidential correspondence. Memos even can be a great source of information about business activity. Competitors could have a field day with all of the above. Every business has a certain responsibility to keep information private.

2. Using general paper recycling. It does not protect your business and its intellectual property. It is not an alternative for safe and secure document destruction by any means. pittsburgh seo company

3. Making it easy for sensitive information to leak out. You will be liable for damages and could face state and federal fines. This alone is not worth you risking the solid business you have built. Secure document destruction is now the law. Times have changed. New precautions now exist in today’s world.


1. Hire an on site paper shredding service to handle your document destruction. It will give you the confidence that your confidential material cannot be used.

2. Destroy stored records on a regular basis. It shows a good risk management strategy.

3. Practice confidential document shredding at the source to protect your business and reduce risks resulting from business identity fraud. This will reduce the risk to you, your company and most importantly your customers.

There is a company head quartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is called the Paper Exchange. They have been around since 1996 and stand out as an industry leader in the business. In addition to document destruction, they also offer recycling and hauling services to many organizations and businesses in the Tri state area of Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Eastern Ohio.


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