Gift Baskets- Ten Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

Gift baskets are an excellent alternative to the typical “run of the mill” gifts that most people send and are a wonderful idea for any occasion.

The one thing that amazed me were all the different themes. I found gift baskets for vacations, scuba diving, coffee enthusiast, poker and even bar-b-que grilling. There are so many themes, gift baskets seem to be an ideal choice just about any occasion. The traditional holiday and birthday baskets have a lot of competition these days. nahls

The reasons for giving gift baskets are many, but there’s one common thread; both the giver and recipient enjoy a common feeling of really caring. Giving a gift certificate just isn’t the same as giving a gift basket.

Let me let you in on something. I’ve done a little research into gift baskets and I’ve come up with a step-by-step guide that will turn you into a gift basket crafter extraordinaire, even if you don’t have a creative gene in your body.

I want to share a few things with you.

Whether you are designing your own gift basket or creating a list with pre-made gift baskets in mind, the ideas for gift baskets are never ending. Gift baskets are suitable for any affair, make a wonderful gift and theme gift baskets are an easy alternative to the traditional holiday present.

Designing and crafting gift baskets are FUN and can be a great way to earn a great part-time or full time income. Here are a few tips to get you thinking… Messipoker

Gift Basket Creation Is EASY! Yes. It truly is. If you can find a container (not always a basket), stuff to put inside of it, a few ribbons or extra accessories… BAM, you’ve got yourself a gift basket. Traditionally of course, gift baskets came in what else, baskets? But, as time and traditions have changed, so have the basket formats. And that helps out tremendously in the imagination arena. Traditional gift baskets can be boring. . .

Selecting A “Theme” For Your Basket… If you can think it up, you can turn it into a gift basket. Gift basket creation is all about creativity and imagination. How far can yours stretch to come up with fresh, inventive ideas? Think about this… the more creative you get, the better chances you will create a gift so unique it wouldn’t be found anywhere else in the world. In fact, you could give 10 people the exact same supplies and ask them to come up with their own gift basket and end up with 10 different variations on the exact same theme.

Themes you can try…Gardening & Outdoor Activities, Butterfly Gardening, Water Gardening, “Backyard” Farming, Winter Sports, Golf and even Weight Training.

Now, on to the basic supplies you’re going to need to create your new gift basket. . A Container, Packing Extras & Accents and Basket Goodies. That’s All? Yep, that’s it. preferablepups

Putting It All Together… Presentation is quite important when it comes to making your gift basket. You can’t simply throw everything in a bucket, slap a bow on it and say “Here Ya Go!” It takes a little more thought than that. Take into consideration the size of your container. Is it small, medium, or larger in size? How much can you fit within it before it begins to look “over stuffed”? While we want our gift baskets to look “full”, we don’t want them to be messy with too many things shoved in to every available space!

Sorry folks…I’m stopping here and saving the rest for later. But, there is one important thing that I want to point out. Learning to craft gift baskets is both fun and profitable!

If you are a work at home mom (or Dad,) student, retired grand parent, or disabled… learning how to sell and craft gift baskets is a great way to earn really good money… and it’s a feel good business as well. This is one home based business you should really consider. The market is open to anyone who has just a little spare time.


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