How to Post a Video Online and Get More Viewers To Know About It – A Simple Tip on Video SEO

You’ve been making videos and posting them on your website, you want them to show up on Google and rank high in searches – if you really want to increase your viewers, twitch viewer bot here’s a great idea:

Add a transcript of your video to the video page. Google-bots search through your website pages looking for video and related text that links to the search term that a viewer uses.

This is easy to do. When you build your video page on your website, copy and paste the transcript onto the page- you can design it any way you want: as a blog or an article. Then, you can embed your video on the page and when it’s indexed on Google, you have rich video content AND relevant text. Google-bots love this!

You should already be creating a searchable title, description and keywords for every video- keep this metadata relevant to your video topic. The added layer of text with your video can greatly increase your chances of showing up and ranking higher on Google. Plus, gscpowershop it gives your viewer more opportunity to stay longer and check out the rest of your site.

If you’re using a video sharing site or a free video hosting service, like YouTube, transcripting can really benefit these videos, too. It’s always better to post your video on your site and have them hosted there, this should be your main priority. Afterwards, you can apply the same principles of best SEO practices to your YouTube or Vimeo videos. You want them to show up and rank high in search engines, เล่นสล็อตบนมือถือ also. Mixing effective keywords with a transcript file on your video pages (no matter where they are) gives your videos much more impact online.

My process always includes adding a transcript text file in every video I produce and embed. Sometimes, if it’s appropriate, glamcosmos I add extra related text to support the topic even further. And I always look for opportunities to add relevant internal links to other pages on my sites and add external links to other high-authority sites. I would recommend you do the same.

If this sounds too complicated or you don’t want to (can’t) do it yourself: twitch viewer bot Look for an online service that includes this transcript file as a regular part of video post-production. It’s also a good idea to work with an SEO service to help you select the best metadata and target the most competitive keywords for your videos. Find out more about improving your online videos and talk to Video SEO experts.


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