Building Your List – How To Explode Your Business Day 4

Are you ready to learn the skills of building your list? Our first three trainings dealt with being honest with ourselves and admit we can do better. How important to your business a properly constructed list really is. To stop worshipping GURUs and learn to take advice from those who have accomplished what they are teaching. Understanding the best interests of your networking company don’t always coincide with your best interests. Lets jump to the next step. thebusinessdays

Commitment will be a huge theme of today’s training. Do you want to learn how to generate 30 to 50 leads per day? Of course you do, are you willing to put the time and effort in to learn how to do it? Now that’s the question and only you can answer that. I am not very proficient on the computer, average at best. In our mid 50′s with 30 years of successful networking behind us we decided to move our business online. Why? What we had been teaching about building your list for 30 years was not working as effectively as it once did. There are so many people who have been in networking for one, three, five, ten or more years and have never known consistent success. Can you relate? bareng88

Building Your List-30 to 50 Leads Every Day

This industry has been so good to our family, and we feel the obligation to make it better because of our involvement for all those who need to taste success. It became apparent to me that a small group of networking entrepreneurs had converted their business to 100% online for building your list. No meetings or tasting parties, no prospecting lists, no phone calls, no Guru worship, no false statements about how much money they were making. No driving an hour to show the plan to 3 people who had zero interest. storygame

When I was tracking building your list using the Internet I was having a hard time understanding how they were doing the numbers I was seeing. Imagine this for a minute, you have taught a 2 to 5 yr plan for 30 years to develop financial independence that was built on sponsoring two new people per month. We know that the average person only sponsors 2.5 people in there entire tenure with their company. What I was reviewing from the online marketing group was astounding me. They were producing 30 to 50 leads per day, and they were sponsoring 2 to 4 new people every day. That’s right, everyday! sportsyearly

Building Your List-The Paradigm Shift

Our mentor 45 years ago saw a paradigm shift in building your list and promoting your business. I went looking through my old notes to see what pearls of wisdom I had written down. Took me a while but I found it from 1980 during a leadership conference. Dexter said and I wrote down these words, “never run from change, when the winds of change are blowing take notice and run with them, they will be filled with opportunity”. Then he went on to say, “some day in the future the system we put together will be outdated, and will be replaced by something that will be far greater than what I have brought to the network marketing business, have the courage to run with it”! knowledgehype

Wow, Dexter knew this would happen and it would be big. He also understood how resistant to change people are. When Dexter started leading the industry to record heights it was a door to door business. Rich DeVos, co founder of Amway commented in a leadership meeting that he felt “Dexter was screwing up the whole business”. His foresight of a paradigm shift created the greatest opportunity of their lives turning the industry into a world wide juggernaut and DeVos into a billionaire. gossipcare

Building Your List-Can You Take The Heat

Can you hear the Gurus now, who run your companies training systems when you decide to change the way of building your list? I’ve already heard it and their comments are negative and not worthy to repeat. People are threatened by anything you do that places your best interest ahead of their own. The so called “leaders” who have built training platforms that produce a 3% success record, and massive income from selling you tools, will lose control of your dream. How? By you learning how to “really achieve” your goals and building your list, they having nothing left to sell you. Knowledge is power, if you’re only getting part of the story you always need to come back for more. Understand that your willingness to move forward and learn new empowering skills will not sit well with them. Your success and your ability to teach the new skills you have learned will render the Gurus, obsolete.


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