iRobot 532 – Doing the Jobs You Hate

The iRobot 532 is the latest thing to hit our homes when it comes to high-tech cleaning units. This machine was developed by the same people who created the minesweepers, techpiled so you can get an idea of how advanced this vacuum is. This vacuum has been designed specifically for cleaning pet hair. And the best part about it is that I don’t have to stand there and actually do the cleaning, because the iRobot 532 does it all for me.

Just because it is technically advanced, doesn’t mean you have to be tech savvy to operate it. You simply pre program your iRobot 532 to clean the designated areas in your home. Your iRobot 532 can avoid certain areas or rooms because it has an infra red Virtual Walls program that tells the machine where it can and can’t go. realisticmag

When your iRobot 532 needs to have its batteries charged, it will take itself back to its charging dock within your home and recharge itself, only to continue back where it left off. Your iRobot 532 will clean the deepest, most stubborn dirt that is found at the bottom of the carpet pile. With two debris bins, the amount of dirt and hair that it can store is about 3.5 times greater than your average vacuum. mommasays

The iRobot 532 comes with a remote control (great if you’re in the bath and want to have the floors cleaned while you relax!), replacement filters for when you wear the factory fitted ones out, and you can lower and raise the vacuum disks of the iRobot 532, to suit the flooring it will clean. For example tiled floors should have a lowered disk and heavy plush pile carpets should be raised more. You can wall mount your iRobot 532, and it comes with its own tools to clean its brushes. For more Info please visit these sites:-


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