Step Ladders Review: The Sealey ASL7 Aluminium Step Ladder

Whether it’s used for hanging a picture, washing windows or painting a wall, copart the step ladder is an important adjunct for getting all those jobs done around the home. Step ladders come in many heights, and can be made from a variety of materials, including timber, fibreglass and aluminium. An aluminium step ladder has many advantages over both timber and fibreglass ladders, not the least of which is its affordability. An aluminium ladder usually is less expensive than a timber or fibreglass one. Although fibreglass is considered to be durable, it can crack or fracture. Timber requires care and maintenance. No ladder material is stronger or longer lasting than aluminium. Here’s some information about a great aluminium ladder from Sealey, the ASL7. Dog training

About the Sealey ASL7

One of the most important features of this step ladder is that it is EN131 approved, meaning that it’s certified for use in commercial settings. Another key feature is the ladder’s anodised finish. An anodised ladder is stronger and more durable, while being much lighter in weight, than its timber and fibreglass counterparts. It is capable of bearing much heavier loads than a timber or fibreglass one. Aluminium also does not chip or fracture. Over time, you may notice a powdery coating on the surface of the metal, but this has no effect on performance. woles4d

Features of the Sealey ASL7

The ASL7 features comfortably wide, non-slip steps, along with a generously wide platform, and a safety rail. The platform has an integral lock that ensures safe standing. The safety rail is cushioned with foam for extra comfort. The feet are ribbed to maximise floor contact and stability. The ladder carries a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This model has 7 treads and weighs 7.3kg. Aluminium step ladders are maintenance free, and their locking mechanisms are more reliable than those found on ladders made from timber or fibreglass, which can work loose over time. Unlike the timber ladders, the rungs and stiles of an aluminium ladder like the ASL7 are much less apt to work loose, making the ladder much safer to use. The ladder has a 150kg capacity. Aluminium kozijnen

A Few Specifications of the Sealey ASL7

The maximum reach height of this ladder is 3280mm. The base width is 520mm, and the safety rail height is 2150mm. The step height is 1530mm. Like other aluminium ladders, this ASL7 is fire resistant, but may be weakened by exposure to fire, even if it does not burn. If your aluminium ladder is exposed to fire, it would be wise to discard it. Also, be aware that aluminium is an electrical conductor, so if you need to work around electrical sources, choose a fibreglass or timber ladder instead. Aluminium does not rust, satisfied-being so the ASL7 can be stored outdoors. It also is unaffected by extremely hot or extremely cold ambient temperatures.


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