How to Make Your Bricks Click: Digital Marketing for Retailers

There is never an easy time to be a retailer, but things are more complicated than ever with smart phones and consumer’s expectations that you will anticipate their needs and deliver highly personalized experiences both in-store and online.

Traditional retailers who will thrive in the next ten years will be those who embrace digital both in their stores and online. Even though eCommerce is growing at 10x the rate of physical stores, online138 in 2020 more than 80 percent of U.S. retail sales will still happen within bricks, mortar, concrete and wood.

Here’s the deal. Traditional retailers already have the secret sauce. Really good online marketers work as hard as they can to replicate the 1:1 customer experience you deliver every single day. Our advice? slot gacor Take what you already know and translate that online to drive customers into your store.

Even if you don’t plan to launch an online store anytime soon, you can leverage your digital footprint to capture new customers and build loyalty. Here are a few tips to get you started: Smokeless powders for sale


    1. Capture Data: Consumers expect, no DEMAND you understand their preferences, likes and dislikes. Use your in store experience to capture details about people they are buying gifts for, sizes and other special requests and use that in your digital communications to connect in a more personal way with your customers and prospects. lumber kiln


    1. Embrace Email: Invest in email marketing and make it relevant and personal. Email continues to be the workhorse of digital marketing by providing timely, measurable communications on everything from store hours and special offers to fashion, gift, food and other relevant advice


    1. Go Mobile: Your customers are mobile so you should be too. Your website and emails need to look great and respond well on mobile devices. Even more, you should capture mobile numbers and deliver geo-targeted messages when your consumers are near or around your store.


    1. Educate: Writing and publishing valuable content across multiple channels is a great way to distinguish your brand, but also drive traffic to your web site. However, many retailers are churning out similar content which means retailers need to be clever about how they position and promote their content to get the best results


  1. Engage: This is where retailers can really excel. You already know how to develop a report with customers when they are in your store. Take that in store experience and extend it to social channels. Remember that content is king, For more details please visit sites:- so marketers should follow the 80/20 rule of educational vs. promotional posts providing tips, news, advice and


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