Stricter Regulation Vital For Restaurant Hood Cleaning

There are many restaurants around U.S that are in danger of catching fire everyday, hoodpay because of the burnt solidified oil in their kitchen hoods.

Grease and oil were the leading igniter’s, causing 64.2 percent of all structural fires: Yet a much-ignored solution lies readily at hand and regular cleaning and maintenance of restaurant hoods, ducts and fans is one of the most effective method of reducing fires

Fire departments and government inspectors rarely enforce the codes that do exist, At the most, they write notes to restaurant owners, reminding them to clean their hood systems. There are no fines, no enforcement. Even insurance companies don’t require regular cleaning as a prerequisite for coverage. instafinanz

A restaurant that hadn’t done major cleaning for their systems in over a year or didn’t have a reliable annul fire has to be reported to the fire department and significant requirements should be implemented for restaurants to keep their food and beverage licenses. After two 10-day warnings, they should receive a fine or, at worst, have their licenses revoked.

It’s not something that’s costly. It’s just that no one is following up.

The simplest tracking method would be to require their restaurant owners fax cleaning company’s paperwork to the regulating agency. Also for each state insurance company monitor compliance is required too. smaller-homes

The insurance companies are the ones paying out the big bucks. Why aren’t they enforcing this? It’s not just a matter of money, however. Regulation will reduce the risk to fire fighters, restaurant staff and their customers. It’s a no-brainer.


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