Rattan Garden Furniture – Stylish and Organic

Rattan garden furniture is favored for its durability and beauty.

What is Rattan?

Rattan is the name given to approximately three hundred species of palm trees. It is processed and used to create a host of items to include furniture. The trunk varies in width and can range from around five inches to about ten inches. During the processing the outer layer is peeled away and used to weave with while the inner wood is used to make furniture. Every part of the Rattan is used there is nothing that is wasted. The very thin outer layer is used in basket weaving; the heart is used to make furniture. rattan garden furniture

The wood is favored for making furniture because it is flexible yet durable and is easy to manipulate. It can be shaped and shaved without losing its strength.

Native to Africa, Asia and some areas of Australia, yoga teacher training neutral bay it is an abundant and renewable wood source.


Rattan has been used to make outdoor furniture since the late sixteen hundreds. It was favored throughout Asia and Africa for both outdoor and indoor furniture. It is still quite popular throughout Asia and Africa as indoor seating and to make tables from. Rattan has a deep golden color that can range from a honey tone to a dark maple tone. gold beaded bracelets

Chairs, tables, shelves even sofas are created from Rattan. A lot of Rattan furniture is confused with Bamboo furniture which is not as durable. Bamboo is much lighter in color than rattan and a lot less durable. A Rattan piece of furniture can last a very long time if cared for properly. uniforms managed rental services

Care of Rattan Garden Furniture

Proper care is required to extend the life of Rattan garden furniture. The furniture will withstand a great deal of torment from the elements but it should be sealed at least once every two years, it can be sanded and sealed with either a commercial sealant or it can be rubbed with stain. Direct sunlight can dry the Rattan out so care should be taken to alleviate continued direct sunlight, a wood soap can be used to clean the Rattan and to condition it periodically to prevent the Rattan from drying out. Liga Ciputra

Rattan garden furniture can last a lifetime if some steps are taken to care for it. It is a great way to add beauty to any outdoor area. It is comfortable seating that is durable, affordable and renewable. gas generators Australia


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