Where Do Professional Nail Techs Go For Their Acrylic Nails and Acrylic Nail Products?

Most people don’t know that there is a pretty significant quality difference in nail products for professional nail techs and the stuff you find in stores, techsifts but nail techs do. When you go to school for nail technology, you learn the differences found in all nail products and the functions they each have. Training is necessary for learning the proper steps in sanitation and safety. Your hands are an essential part of human interaction both functionally and socially, so ending up with fungus or mold in your fingernail is certainly not going help your next meet and greet.  Techjunkien

Nail fungus alone is a good reason to go to a licensed nail technician. There are hundreds of cases every year of women requiring medical help to cure fungus

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related to acrylic nails. This is typically cause by unlicensed nail technicians using a substance called Methyl Methacrylate as a sealant. This substance is virtually unbreakable, but it causes the nail bed to disintegrate.

Fungus aside, licensed nail techs have the tools at their disposal to create custom acrylic nail designs that will dazzle and impress. They have quality materials, limitless mixtures, textures and the design expertise to pull off some truly stunning effects. So, where do the pro’s go for their supplies?

Acrylic nail products for professional nail technicians can be purchased through professional beauty supplies and often times online merchants provide the best rates. Online stores are nice because you can often times set up a wholesale account as well as find hundreds of colors to choose from using pre-mixed acrylic with glitter, tints, confetti, shells and even Mylar! This is helpful because it takes the guess work out allowing you to use your time more efficiently. Professional supply outlets will only sell to Professional Nail Technicians and nail students and require a valid nail tech license for purchase.

There are several factors that make acrylic nail products for professionals quite a bit better than the discount acrylic nail products you can buy in the super market. Professional acrylic powders are sifted many times to ensure a self leveling effect which allows the professional nail technician ease of use. Some acrylics are very hard and rigid while some acrylics are soft and self leveling. I like the soft self leveling kind because it allows for some flexibility for the nail client.

This flexibility provides a little give with the product which means less breaks. When a product is hard and rigid, you will see more cracks and breaks. When there are cracks in the nails, moisture can seep in and turn to mold. Nobody wants this to happen and the worst thing to do is use nail glue to mend it.

Personally, I think acrylic powders that shine are the most fun, but you can mix up your acrylic powders with glitter and all sorts of shiny additives. Just remember, the more additives you use, the LESS strong they become. Allow your application room to cap your acrylic nails in a clear acrylic for strength.


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