Facebook PPC Advertising is a Goldmine – The New Frontier For PPC Advertising

Here is some info and guidelines about Facebook PPC Advertising:

We can get clicks for .30 -.60 cents per click much like the early days of Google PPC advertising. To our great advantage there is no competition now and we are able to get high quality traffic as long we target our keywords properly. frontiernews In order to be successful on Facebook we must follow the rules they have set and be very aware they are much different than Google, keeping in mind that Facebook is a social media site. The good news is that if you follow the rules it is easy to place ads that stick and draw a high quality customers to your business.

Facebook’s advertising Rules are different than Google’s. Facebook requires the ads be engaging but not too slick and they cannot be too shocking or offense. localletter As an example you cannot say Are you broke and sick? Or your wife is ugly and mine is not. Facebook requires that we place an image on all ads and it is to our advantage to write words on the image such as an e book or photo.

They also require the CTR of our ads be kept at 2% or higher. It is best monitor the CTR by watching it everyday for 2 weeks to be sure it stays at 2% or higher because if it falls below the required 2% Facebook will disable the ad.

Facebook requires that the ads always remain relevant. newspoke If your CTR is not as high as needed after 2 days look closely at the keywords used in your ad to determine if they are really relevant, compelling and not offensive in anyway. topicals Using the free Google AdWords tool works just fine and can be found by going to Google and typing in free Google AdWords Tool.

Some rules for writing good ads:

All headlines should written in the form of a question and the image you use needs to tell the story and grab attention. If your using a photo of someone it should be smiling face or your image should represent your message and have text on it. tbadaily Facebook does not allow large images or things like stop signs. Always make a specific promise in your ad.

Facebook’s No No’s when writing ads are:

It’s important not to break these rules otherwise Facebook will shut you down.

Always use upper and lower case letters in your title and be careful with your spelling and also not to use any slang, abbreviations or… Facebook does not permit any incomplete thoughts or the use of irrelevant images, symbols or anything offensive. kulfiy

Next we’ll cover Bidding and Budgets:

Facebook is not like Google ad words when it comes to budgets. It is recommended to start bidding @ $50.00 per day or less. Facebook will deliver so there is no need to inflate your daily budget. If your budget is set at $500.00 per month then start with $15.00-$20.00 per day. Always go for cost per click not cost per impression.

Here is an important guideline to follow. Bid half the recommended amount for two days, then the highest recommended amount for the next two days to determine ROI. As an example.70 cents is the highest bid start so start then after 2 days increase it to.70 per click. Then evaluate the CTR and cost per lead to determine what to bid and then move forward. pressmagazines

It is exciting to learn that clicks on Facebook are about 25%-30% cheaper and you can get signed up and have your ads live in about 30 minutes or so. When you get to section in the signup to target age range most likely choosing ages 25 and over would work out best.

The Golden Rules Of Facebook:

Always give value and it is required the lead capture page your ad leads to has a value given video since Facebook is a social media platform. Readers rate your ad and will be sure to report you if you do not follow this rule.

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